China Visa from Bangladesh

China Visa Application:

Planning a trip to China? Securing a China visa is crucial for a smooth journey. we TRIP TRICKS provide you with essential tips to obtain your China visa hassle-free. Understand the visa types, research requirements, prepare accurate documentation, and apply in advance. By following these steps, you’ll increase your chances of obtaining a China visa successfully, allowing you to focus on enjoying your upcoming trip to China.

Understand Visa Types:

1. Single Entry Visa, 2. Double Entry visa, 3. Multiple Entry visa

Required Documents:

1. Original Passport (Validity should be at least 07 Months)
2. Recent 33 cm x 48 cm size photo with white background (2 Copy Mat Paper)
3. Visiting Card & National ID Card
4. N.O.C / G.O / Trade License Notarized Copy with Translate in English & Letterhead Pad
5. Original Bank statement for last six months. Minimum Balance Taka 200,000/-
6. Bank Solvency Certificate
7. Vaccine Certificate
8. TIN Certificate

Note: All applicants will be requested to have their fingerprints collected

Price Details

2nd Time :- Single Entry
Tourist (L): 10,500/- BDT
Business (M): 15,500/- BDT

1st Time :- Single Entry
3 Countries Visited Without SAARC & GCC
Tourist (L): 13,500/- BDT
Business (M): 19,000/- BDT

1st Time :- Single Entry
1/2 Countries Visited / Fresh Passport
Call for Price

6 Month Validity :- Double Entry
Tourist (L): 15,500/- BDT

1 Year Validity :- Multiple Entry
Tourist (L): 23,500/- BDT
Note: Required previous 1y/2y china visa